Of course, we love to study God’s word with anyone who has a receptive heart!  We can study over the internet, we can study over the phone, we can study in person at the congregation’s meeting place, at your home, at a public library, or anywhere you are comfortable.  Feel free to begin today:  call (315) 629-4155, email, or fill out our Bible correspondence course entitled “Jesus The Way”!

This course is seven lessons.  After completing each lesson, either send your answers by email or print and post, and we will review it and respond.

Correspondence Course Lessons

“What must I do to be saved from my sins?”

Great question!  Click here to learn what the Bible teaches about this.

The Christians of this congregation know that a disciple of Christ studies His word (Matthew 13:52), which is contained in the Bible.  Because of this, not only do we emphasize godly living, but we also emphasize personal and public study.

Our public studies usually are prefaced with prayer and singing spiritual songs.  Once the actual study begins, often we take a few minutes to discuss previously distributed questions which are based on the text to be studied and were answered individually prior coming.  Then we study the text itself.  Of course, relevant questions and comments are encouraged.

Our tradition is to study from the Old Testament on Thursday evenings (7:15 PM) and from the New Testament on Sunday mornings (10 AM).

Email to request Information about these studies and/or study questions.